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Steel Building Care: Preventing Steel Building Exterior Wall Panels from Damage
As the main components of a steel building that are frequently exposed to the elements outdoors, exterior wall panels should be given the right care and maintenance to protect them against damage and prolong their service life.
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Top Ways to Prevent Damage on the Exterior Wall Panels of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are greatly acknowledged for their exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are encouraged to use them for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes. However, it should be noted that while steel buildings are actually designed to withstand wear and tear, they can still be vulnerable against certain damages. This is especially true in the case of their exterior wall panels that are frequently exposed to the elements outdoors. Without proper care and maintenance, the exterior wall panels of steel buildings may eventually succumb to corrosion or other forms of damages, which in turn could affect their integrity.


If you are planning to have a steel building constructed, there are steps you can take to ensure that the structure's exterior wall panels will not be damaged. Following these things will also help prolong the service life not only of the exterior wall panels but the entire building as well.











Before construction


Before the construction begins, make sure that you prepare well in advance for the arrival of your steel building components. At the most, the vehicle transporting the building parts should be able to easily access the site so that the building materials, especially the exterior wall panels, will be unloaded with ease, minimizing the possibility of the components from being dented.


If you will not start working on the project immediately and you will have to store the components a little longer, be sure to cover all of them, including the exterior wall panels, with waterproof tarp or landscape fabric leaving enough opening for air to circulate. When storing them, be sure that the area is shaded and dry and they should be elevated from ground. Doing so will ensure that the panels will not be exposed to water or moisture which causes corrosion and will prevent people from walking on the components. 


During construction


When the construction starts, handle the wall panels with care and be sure that they do not come in contact with any source of moisture. At the most their should be at least 150 mm of space between the ground and the panels. Also, if you need to make marks on the panels, avoid using lead pencils as they can accelerate corrosion on steel. Instead, use masking tape to make the marks as it is safer to use on steel and is easier to see.


After construction


Once your steel building is erected, it is vital that you regularly attend to its maintenance needs, especially its exterior wall panels since they are the ones that receive a lot of beating from outdoor elements. As a safety precaution, never place any equipment or item that holds moisture near or adjacent to the wall panels, such as steam outlets, sprinklers and plants. These things can scratch on the surface and may also transfer moisture that can lead to corrosion.


If dust and other particles are starting to build up on the exterior wall panels of your steel building, clean them immediately. Dust buildup can retain moisture, which can cause the protective zinc layer to breakdown and eventually the onset of corrosion. Hence, lightly brush the entire surface with a soft nylon brush dipped in a solution of water and mild detergent. Start from the highest point and work your way down. Then, rinse the wall panels with clean water and let the panels completely dry.


Another way to protect your exterior wall panels from damage is to repaint them every few years or so. Doing this will not only provide the surface with a layer of protection against rust, it will also improve the appearance of your steel structure. Just be sure to use a paint that is designed for steel application for proper coverage and to get the most protection for the walls.

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