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Important Considerations When Planning Steel Building Unloading Operations
Before the scheduled delivery of your steel building, make sure to plan the unloading operation ahead of time to avoid delays. Here are some planning considerations worth looking at.
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Planning the Unloading Operation of Steel Buildings-What Should be Considered

Steel buildings are manufactured in a manner that allows them to be rapidly assembled and used. All their components are pre-cut and pre-drilled at the manufacturer’s location and then transported to the site where they will be built. Such innovative design is what makes steel buildings all the more popular among builders and building managers alike.

If you have already ordered a steel building and are waiting for its delivery, you need to understand that erecting the structure takes more than just laying the foundation and bolting its components together. One of the most important parts of the erection procedure involves careful unloading of the building components to ensure that they will not be damaged.

For successful unloading operations, detailed planning is required at the job site, especially if the space is restricted. Here are some important considerations that you should take into account when planning for the unloading d operations of your steel building.

Vehicle access to the site

The truck that will deliver the building components should be able to easily access the site where the structure will be built. This access should be studied and prepped up well in advance of the scheduled delivery. At the most, the truck should be able to easily unload the components near their usage points so as to minimize travel, lifting and re-handling during the structure assembly. All obstructions, such as overhead utilities, must be removed out of the truck’s access route to prevent delays.

Location of and ramp for lifting equipment

Depending on the size of your structure and site conditions, it is likely that you will be using a lifting equipment to easily handle the components when it is time to assemble them. To ensure that the lifting equipment will be maneuvered properly, plan ahead where it will be located during the unloading and erection. An access ramp made of wood or stone, when necessary, should also be built in advance.

Crew maneuverability

Keep in mind that there should be sufficient room for the crew to properly perform the tasks required to unload the building components. Hence, pre-inspection of the site should be carried out to be able to determine the amount of space that the crew has to deal with. It may also be necessary for you to obtain trespass permission from the owners of the adjacent properties to enable the crew to enter and exit the site without any issue.

Division of labor

While the unloading of the steel building components will only take a few hours, a number of things can go wrong, especially if the tasks are not properly assigned to the workers beforehand. To prevent delays and other issues, divide the labor ahead of time. For instance, two workers will be responsible for setting the chokers and slings on the truck, while two other workers will be assigned to do the spot blocking and removal of the slings and chokers. Divvying the labor will save valuable time and will help ensure that the components will be properly handled during the unloading operation.

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