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Essential Trims for Steel Buildings–What You Need to Know
Trims are important components of steel buildings as they help seal the joints that connect the steel components together. When purchasing a new steel structure or updating an existing one, here are some of the most essential trims your building should have.
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Essential Trims for Steel Buildings-What You Need to Know

Adding trims to a steel building is one of the best ways to give the structure a cleaner and more finished look. Beyond helping improve the visual appearance of the structure, they also perform the function of protecting the joints or transitional points where two building components meet together and protect the entire building and its contents against the weather and water infiltration.

Trims are already available when you first purchase a steel building. However, it should be noted that not all trim packages are the same. Many suppliers offer different trim options, so it is crucial that you know which ones will add aesthetic value to your steel building, will improve its functions and will help protect it against the elements. Below is a list of some of the most essential trims for steel buildings and the functions they perform.

Jamb flashing and drip cap 

Jamb flashing is a type of trim used to cover the jamb and header of doors, while a drip cap is the one used for the window. Although these trims are commonly used as a cosmetic addition to steel buildings, they actually provide a layer of protection to exposed windows and door against early deterioration that may be brought about by frequent exposure to the elements.

Outside corner trims

These trims are installed to seal the edges where two wall panels meet. Outside corner trims are important because they keep the elements from entering through the small gap where the panels meet and at the same time protects people from the hard edges of the panels.

Gutter and downspout trims

Although gutters and downspouts are regarded as accessories, they are indispensable components that perform some of the same functions as trims. Simply put, they are the ones that channel water away from the roof, walls as well as foundation of the structure. Due to the crucial role that these two components perform, they require a special trim package so that they could be safely and securely added onto the building. In some cases, the gutter itself functions as an alternative to the eave trim. 

Ridge caps

These trims are often added where two rising roof panels meet, such as the ridge, hip, or the top of the dormer. Ridge caps may be in the form of rolls, which have to be bent and sealed in place, or die-formed, which create a seamless transition between the panels and joints. Between the two, the latter option is preferred by many contractors because they are easier to install and they create a tight fit that prevents leak and pest problems.

A word on picking trims

Whether you will be updating your existing steel building or you are planning to purchase a new one, do not forget to pay close attention to the trims you will be getting. You want to ensure that they are precision engineered and are made from high quality materials. That way, they will not pose any difficulty upon installation; will fit your steel building like a glove; and will help increase its service life by protecting it against the elements.

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