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Supplying & Erecting Bespoke Steel Buildings Throughout the UK
Steel is the wise choice

A correctly engineered steel buildings will create the most cost effective, location specific building option available, see the many benefits below.

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Why Choose Steel?

1. All steel components are engineered and manufactured to exact dimensions, very little waste.

2. Steel can be manufactured to bespoke shapes if required.

3. Steel requires minimal ongoing maintenance, there will be no environmental impact through dampness mould etc.

4. Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any material.

5. Engineering processes can ensure a steel building is suitable for any location within the UK, taking into consideration wind zones, snow loading etc.

6. Higher strength means that less material needs to be used equalling lower costs can be achieved.

7. The strength of steel makes higher walls more achievable.

8. Steel can span greater distances meaning wider openings can be achieved.

9. Steel works well in combination with other materials.

10. Reduced footings and base requirements due to lighter steel framing.

11. Steel building components can be as much as 50% lighter than timber.

13. Steel connections are far stronger than timber connections.

14. A steel building produces much less waste than timber. An average timber framed home generates about 50 cubic feet of waste in the landfills compared to about 1.5 cubic feet for steel or metal.

15. Steel is non-combustible. Insurance premiums will be lower due to this.

16. Steel is 100% recyclable. 60 million tons of scrap steel are recycled every year which is more than paper, aluminium, glass and plastic combined.


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